1.       Work with us

PT. Tri Mulya Gemilang was first established in 2002 as small trading company in Jakarta. We have developed in to corrosion services company which more than over 5 years of experience in Indonesia and the region in the field of Aluminum and Zinc Anode, Corrosion Monitoring, Cathodic Protection, ROV/Offshore Survey, Pipeline Pigging, Pipeline ILI, Pipeline Caliper and Hot Tapping business. In that time, we have nearly 100 projects completly both state-owned company and the leading privates companies in Indonesia such as PHE ONWJ, PHE WMO, Pertamina EP, BP West Java, Premiere, CNOOC, Total E&P Indonesia, PGN, Medco E&P Indonesia, Conoco Philips and many more.

 In completing every job, we put the young professional, who an expert in they field, then we got the maximum achievement in every project. Not only in Jakarta, but you must be ready and willing to work throughout Indonesia, even it is possible to overseas.

2.       Job Vacancy


3.       Our Activity

Together with our young professionals, not only employment relationship but we do a lot of activity outside the annual that is family gathering and team building, such as cycling, fishing which held in 2 - 3 months. Futsal, Yoga, Barbarian which is held regularly every week. And of course social activities by giving donation to schools and orphanages in every year. 

Join with PT. Tri Mulya Gemilang, become a young professionals, together we developed our ability to the common good is the right choice.