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Asset Integrity Management System

A system to assure that the facility are functioned efficiently and effectively with prime objectives to ensure the continuity of operation/business, protect the safety of people and the environment throughout… more

Corrosion Monitoring

We will help you design, Install, and Retrieve a monitoring program that meets your information needs, allowing you to rest assure that you have a good handle on the corrosion activity in your system.- Improve and update corrosion circuit in hydrocarbon production and processing pipework and topside equipment. -… more

Risk Based Inspection

Asset PrioritizationPrioritization is unavoidable when the resources (money, manpower and tools) are limited to perform Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) works. Risk based approach can be used as a tool to develop asset prioritization ranking in which higher risk platforms will have higher priority for undergoing… more

Database Management

We built a tailor-made application for asset integrity management to support your activities that related with asset integrity, and as a decision support system for top management. more

Cathodic Protection Service

We provide, 
  • Cathodic Protection Design, Installation & Commissioning
  • Cathodic Protection Systems Maintenance & Inspection
  • Sub-Meter GPS Locating Onshore Pipeline Depth of Cover Survey to ensures the cover between the top pf the Pipeline and the ground level as applicable, and complies with… more